Unplug : Digital Media Event

Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding

Unplug Festival
Digital Media Event
Student Project
Unplug is a digital media festival with events all across Manchester. They wanted to focus on taking the discussions and events away from the digital realm making about the people and not the code.
I started with a focus on typography creating a hand-drawn logo. 
I then created vector illustrated posters using picture frames as a nod to the physicality and similarity that picture frames and computer, tablet and phone screens are in a way canvases of many possibilities. I rolled out the vector style into branded website and mobile site for the festival.
36 Days of Type 2016
RIP Robin Williams Illustration
Urban Soloutions : Annual Report
Grade : iPad Magazine
Reel.TV : Website Skin
Personal Projects Mix
Jack's Dumb Drawings : Personal Charity Project
Illustrated Portraits
Clyde's Moonshine : Drink Branding
Bushwick Block Party : Festival Branding
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